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Road Trip Visions Checklist & Memory Journal By Three Authors

10 Things Travel (Volume 8)

Road Trip Visions are from Three different authors; first a young man about 30 traveling in a group, second a 30’ish women traveling internationally as a ‘Solo’ and the third is a retired man who feels a ‘breakdown’ on the road is minimized using his ideas. There are ideas in each approach that should be used. Included in the book is a ‘Checklist and Memory Journal’ that can be used by each person in the…

The Decisive Checklist & Journal 25 Best Destinations

Fall: 10 Things Travel (Volume 4)

25 of the Best Destinations to visit in the Fall word wide. This book shows some of the best, sometimes quirky, locations to visit to see fall colors and festivals that take place. Also included in the paper version are a Checklist, personal Information page and a Trip Journal / Log Book.

The Decisive Checklist & Journal 25 Best Places to Visit USA

(10 Things Travel Series) (Volume 5)

Travel to 25 Places such as City, State or places are recommended to see America at its best. A small write up on each will explain what to look for at the locations. Included is a Checklist, Personal pages and Trip Journal Log Book to help with memories of locations.

The Decisive Ocean vs. River Cruise Checklist & Journal

10 Things Travel (Volume 1)

Selecting Ocean or River Cruise ships is very important. Find out what you can expect on the cruise and what is expected from you. Such things as Size, Destinations, Docking, Dining, Entertainment, What’s Covered, Sickness, Packing & Choice. Included in your book is a Checklist and Trip Journal to organize and save those memories. On the back cover is a place to write in the trip date for quick reference.

The Decisive Checklist & Journal Amtrak trains

10 Things Travel (Ten Things Travel) (Volume 2)

Ten Things for Amtrak Train travel and what you may be expected to encounter on the train. Such tips as How to be comfortable, Carry-on baggage, Temperature, snack ideas, Luggage, types of luggage recommended, WiFi, Plugs, Sanitize ideas and more. Including a Trip Travel Checklist and Journal for your memories.

Disney Cruise Ships

Everything you Need to Know for a Successful Trip: With Checklist & Journal (10 Things Travel) (Volume 11)

First day Aboard a Disney Ship: I’m going to be giving you some insider tips for a Disney cruise vacation. I’m going to be sharing some tips that will help you on your very first day on your Disney Cruise stay tuned alright. So, it’s your embarkation day and that means it’s the day you finally get to go on your Disney cruise ship, this is so exciting you’ll go into the cruise terminal you’ll…

The Decisive Carnival Cruise Line Secrets Checklist & Journal

10 Things Travel Series (Volume 3)

This is for the first time Carnival Cruise traveller. 10 tips and tricks for getting the most on your trip while spending the least. What to expect when first boarding and procedures that work best. The Checklist and Day Journal will come in handy organizing your memories and on the back cover is a place to enter your trip date.


The Downing of Eagle21 (International Suspense Mystery Political Thriller)

Chief Inspector Hacker has seen it all in his 30 years as a detective for INTERPOL-but now he has a famous cold case that will try his very soul. Battle to Uncover Eagle21’s Secrets becomes a life and death struggle •Hacker’s idea of technology is stuck in the 1980’s and he is unsure how to use today’s devices. His foe quickly acts with devastating results. •Faced with an adversary that is both cold and calculating,…

CheapTickets How to Use My Corporate Expense Report

Update 2016

“Cheaptickets: How to Use My Corporate Expense Report” with Link to Excel Template for Corporate Expense Reporting. Emily works in a corporate travel department finding inexpensive airline tickets for travelers in her company. Finding very cheap tickets saves the company many thousands each month so Emily wrote this book as a guide for others in the department. Flight booking and finding cheap flights make for affordable purchases and can be found for all that follow…

Twin Taboo

The sexual addiction of Angie and Angel

Twin Taboo, the Sexual Addiction of Angie and Angel. From the Pen of Newcomer Ruby Ravensdale comes the story of Twin sisters each living extreme lives. Angie, a sheltered girl looking for true love and is willing to grow into woman. Down on her luck, and facing tossed out on the street, She is ready to try anything. Angel is Angie’s twin but no one would ever believe they are sisters. Angel is working at…

Ending Diabetes the Answer Book

My Findings for Control of Type II (How Reverse Type 2 Diabetes and Coping with Type 2 Diabetes Book 1)

If you read only one book about diabetes make it the “Ending Diabetes Answer Book” . Inside: a link to the Free expanded book “Ending Diabetes: Unlocking Type 2 “ Opening the cover you will find chapters on: Recently diagnosed? History of Diabetes Management of Type II Lifestyle changes Genetics Problems associated with Diabetes Blood testing and drugs … there are ideas on how to eat and the value of exercise so one can live…

My Manifesto

An Occupy Leader’s View of Broken Government

What is the Occupy Movement and how does it fit in with the Tea Party. Will government corruption and payoffs squelch a “Government for the people and by the people”? Is starving the government the way to control the government? Why is the Occupy Movement necessary and will it be a factor in the future? How does world events push our government to do thing it should not do? This book tries to answer some…

The Matinee Murder Mysteries

The Death of Wendy Wonderful – The Not So Perfect Murder – False Promises and True Lies

The Death of Wendy Wonderful It was never supposed to turn out like this at all, he just wanted to know the truth, he never meant to kill her, Not So Perfect Murder I guess it’s my fault too though. She’s a hot, college girl with a lot of action. She’s the root of the problem. She’s the one trying to rob me of everything I’ve worked so hard for. Jasmine walks out of the…

International Wine Guide

18 Chapters about Wine from all over the world. What types are available and how to buy, select, taste like you have been doing it forever. Use the look inside function to see the chapters and sub chapters. In paper back this book will stretch to over 300 pages.