CheapTickets How to Use My Corporate Expense Report

Update 2016

“Cheaptickets: How to Use My Corporate Expense Report” with Link to Excel Template for Corporate Expense Reporting.
Emily works in a corporate travel department finding inexpensive airline tickets for travelers in her company.
Finding very cheap tickets saves the company many thousands each month so Emily wrote this book as a guide for others in the department. Flight booking and finding cheap flights make for affordable purchases and can be found for all that follow strategies in this book.
You can purchase airline tickets from airline ticket consolidators at times for very cheap discount rates and save lots in travel costs; this book will tell you how and where. Affordable tickets are easy if you have the time to plan your trip and not have to buy last minute flights which are usually at the highest prices. Tickets on low cost airlines are great if you don’t mind loosing convinces of selecting seating or paying for food and drinks.

*Corporate Types that need help on filling out Expense Reports will find Emily’s Corporate Expense Report Template with Video Training is just what you need to keep track of expenses on the road.
Just One flight booking, using one these ideas, can save over 1,000 times the cost of this book; if you travel by air you cannot afford not to get you copy now!