Disney Cruise Ships

Everything you Need to Know for a Successful Trip: With Checklist & Journal (10 Things Travel) (Volume 11)

First day Aboard a Disney Ship: I’m going to be giving you some insider tips for a Disney cruise vacation. I’m going to be sharing some tips that will help you on your very first day on your Disney Cruise stay tuned alright. So, it’s your embarkation day and that means it’s the day you finally get to go on your Disney cruise ship, this is so exciting you’ll go into the cruise terminal you’ll have to go through some security you’ll have to be checked in this could take some time but when it’s all said and done and you’re finally going up that ramp, to guarantee your ship it’ll be worth it. Once you were finally getting on to the ship right before you step foot aboard your Disney cruise ship a cast member will ask you what your family’s last name and they will over a loudspeaker announce your family’s presence on board and they will say welcome to the Smith family and there will be officers there and other cast and crew members there that will be welcoming you aboard your Disney cruise ship. On the first moment you step aboard the ship go to guest services they can help you with making dining reservations, say you want to have a special reservations for you, any spa reservations you can get those made no reservations go quickly at the spa so especially on Sea days so if you want to do something on a Sea days make sure you get those reservations done on your first day on the ship, and a tip if you are going to make a specialty dining restaurant reservation I highly recommend you doing it around the time when sunset is because it really does make for a beautiful setting when you’re at a specialty restaurant watching the sunset over the ocean beautiful. And the last thing I’m going to mention on your very first day of your Disney Cruise is to take in the sights at an upper deck when it’s the sail away time. There’s a sail away party and Mickey and Minnie and some of the other Disney friends will be joining you on the pool deck. Take in those sights of the sail away party it’s so much fun. This book also has a Checklist, Journal and Coloring book for those who have nothing to do!