The Downing of Eagle21 (International Suspense Mystery Political Thriller)

Chief Inspector Hacker has seen it all in his 30 years as a detective for INTERPOL-but now he has a famous cold case that will try his very soul.

Battle to Uncover Eagle21’s Secrets becomes a life and death struggle

•Hacker’s idea of technology is stuck in the 1980’s and he is unsure how to use today’s devices. His foe quickly acts with devastating results.
•Faced with an adversary that is both cold and calculating, Hacker finds this killer will not stop at the slaughter hundreds of people to cover his tracks.
•Time is running out for Hacker and his team of specialist’s, will they uncover the killer or become the next target?
•Intense and exciting twists wait for Hacker as he tries to uncover his nemesis.