The Matinee Murder Mysteries

The Death of Wendy Wonderful – The Not So Perfect Murder – False Promises and True Lies

The Death of Wendy Wonderful It was never supposed to turn out like this at all, he just wanted to know the truth, he never meant to kill her,
Not So Perfect Murder I guess it’s my fault too though. She’s a hot, college girl with a lot of action. She’s the root of the problem. She’s the one trying to rob me of everything I’ve worked so hard for. Jasmine walks out of the room wearing her scantiest red lingerie. Her eyes focus on the knife. Jasmine’s hand covers her mouth and she is about to scream when I rush towards her. Her scream is stifled. I hold her by the waist and see her eyes roll into her head. I realize she is limp. I let her drop to the floor and see my knife jutting from her chest.
False Promises and True Lies He had just started when an explosion was heard…Kemah gasped and grabbed his throat and fell to the ground he was shot in the throat!
He hacked and coughed as he fought for life…Timothy watched as he bleed so heavily his feet kicking and thrashing about…he was forced to abandon him as the door was kicked open, a masked man had an automatic weapon. …like a wounded animal he tried to get away…but another masked man came before him…Timothy eyes widened so much as he saw him, the masked man drew out his pistol and fired at Timothy’s leg.