Twin Taboo

The sexual addiction of Angie and Angel

Twin Taboo, the Sexual Addiction of Angie and Angel.
From the Pen of Newcomer Ruby Ravensdale comes the story of Twin sisters each living extreme lives.
Angie, a sheltered girl looking for true love and is willing to grow into woman.
Down on her luck, and facing tossed out on the street,
She is ready to try anything.
Angel is Angie’s twin but no one would ever believe they are sisters.
Angel is working at a laboratory down town developing high-tech medical devices.
When she sneaks one out of the lab… What could go wrong?
As you read their story you will drip with anticipation, building sexual tension from the first pages to the end.
Will Angie and Angel find true happiness, you be the judge?
Ruby Riversdale’s “Twin Taboo” destined to be the “Erotic Book of the Year”.